Industries and Commerce Department



The Industries & Commerce Department is under control of General Administration Department, Government of Telangana, Secretariat, Hyderabad. This Department is looking after the Sections like Mines, Handlooms & Textiles, Industrial Establishment – Sugar Industries & Commerce, Export & Promotion, INF & IP (Infrastructure & Industrial Promotion), MSME-FP- Biotech, Vigilance & IFR & Miscellaneous.

HODicon HODs / PSU / Wing
  1. Commissionerate of Industries
  2. Director of Handlooms & Textiles
  3. Director of Mines and Geology Dept.
  4. Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad
  5. Director of Mines and Geology Dept.
  6. Telangana State Mineral Development Corporation
  7. Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation
  8. Telangana State Industrial Development Corporation
  9. Commissioner of Sugar and Cane Commissioner
  10. Telangana State Leather Ind. Dev. Corporation
  11. Telangana State Handicrafts Dev. Corporation
  12. State Khadi & Village Industries Board
  13. Telangana State Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society Ltd.
  14. Telangana Special Protection Force
  15. State Police Housing Corporation Ltd.
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