Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department



Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA&UD) Department is one of the important Departments of the State Government of Telangana, entrusted with the responsibility of urban sector management. The department is headed by Shri K. T. Rama Rao, Cabinet Minister for IT, MA&UD, Industries & Commerce, Public Enterprises, Mines & Geology, NRI Affairs and H&T.

The main responsibilities of the Dept. are:

  1. To administer and monitor the activities / functions of all the above HODs /UDAs / Municipal Corporations / Municipalities and issue necessary directions and orders for better civic administration and sustainable urban development.
  2. To make necessary Budget Provision to all the HODs for taking up various development activities in their jurisdiction for development of urban areas
  3. To grant administrative sanctions for taking up various Projects / Developmental works
  4. To approve the Master Plans of UDAs / ULBs and make necessary modifications to the same as and when required
  5. To enact Laws and formulate new Policies / Rules / Regulations for better civic administration by ULBs and for proper development of urban areas
  6. To constitute new UDAs / ULBs for proper development of urban areas
  7. To co-ordinate with the Finance Department for raising loans for taking up various projects by HODs
  8. To co-ordinate with the Government of India for getting GoI grants and external funding for taking up various developmental activities / projects in urban areas
  9. To co-ordinate with all the other departments for better civic administration and urban development


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