Social Welfare Department



The Scheduled Caste Development Department is dedicated to the integrated and overall development of Scheduled Castes. The main objectives of the Scheduled Caste Development Department are Educational advancement, Socio-Economic development, Welfare and Protection of Scheduled Castes and implementation of programmes of Land Purchase Scheme, Kalyana Lakshmi, issues of implementation of Rule of Reservation, Financial Assistance to Students of Telangana (FAST), Social defence like Homes for orphan children, Rehabilitation of Jogins, Bonded Labour and Scavengers and House sites to Weaker Sections. The set objectives are being attend to by the Department through the above Head of Departments.

HODicon HODs / PSU / Wing
  1. T.S.W.R.E.I. Society
  2. Commissioner of Scheduled Castes Development
  3. Scheduled Castes Development Department
  4. Telangana Scheduled Castes Co-op. Development Corporation Ltd.
  5. Telangana State Social Welfare Board