Transport Department



The Transport Department functions under the provisions of section 213 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The Transport Department is primarily established for enforcement of the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, Andhra Pradesh Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1963 and the rules framed there under. The major functions of the Transport Department are the Enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules, Collection of taxes and fees and issuance of Driving Licenses and Certificate of Fitness to Transport Vehicles; Registration of Motor Vehicles and granting regular and temporary permits to vehicles etc.

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  1. All transactions related to Driving License
  2. Collection of Vehicle Taxes
  3. Issue of Fitness Certificates
  4. Issue of Fresh Driving License for Non-Transport Category
  5. Issue of Learners License
  6. Issue of Permits
  7. Issue of Temporary Permits
  8. Registration of Non-Transport Vehicles
  9. Registration of Vehicles
  10. VAJRA Services