Youth Advancement Department



The Department is having two (2) Wings namely; Tourism & Culture Wing and Youth Services & Sports Wing. This Department is dealing with all the matters related to Tourism, Culture, Youth Services, Sports, Archaeology & Museums, Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation, NCC, Telangana Sports School, SETWIN, NITHM, Shilparamam, MPCC, State Art Gallery etc. The Department of Youth Services was established in the year 1972 with an objective to channelize the energies of youth for constructive activities and wean away them from unsocial activities of Telangana.

HODicon HODs / PSU / Wing
  1. Telangana State Sports School
  2. Director of N.C.C., Telangana
  3. Director of Youth Services, Telangana
  4. Sports Authority of Telangana