Constituency Development Programme



  • Under the Constituency Development Programme (CDP), each MLA and MLC can propose developmental works in their constituencies, duly placing emphasis on Government priorities.
  • The annual allocation per MLA / MLC Constituency has been enhanced from Rs.1.00 Crore to Rs.1.50 Crore from 2014-15, again it has been enhanced from Rs.1.50 Crore to Rs.3.00 Crore from 2016-17.
  • The Hon’ble MLAs / MLCs can propose developmental works for their total entitlement of Rs.300.00 lakh, from the year 2016-17


  1. Under the Constituency Development Programme(CDP), each MLA and MLC can exercise a number of works worth Rs.1.00 Crore of his choice which are to be implemented by the District Collector. Funds will be provided by the Government of Andhra Pradesh through the Planning rules of the State Government and guidelines issued by Department. The District Collector will get these works executed by following the established procedures and the Planning Department from time to time.
  2. Each MLA and MLC shall place emphasis on Government priority schemes such as Drinking Water facilities, Public health care buildings, sanitation and drainage local bodies for educational institutions need facilities to public, construction of roads, construction of buildings / facilities belonging to Government or for class rooms/laboratories/toilets , common shelters for the old or handicapped, and electrification / street lighting etc.,. Illustrative list of works is presented in Appendix-I.
  3. Wherever Government intervention is needed for the above schemes, Collectors are expected to take decisions in consultation with the District in charge Ministers and issue administrative sanctions/instructions as per the powers delegated to them.
  4. Under the Programme, each MLA and MLC has to necessarily provide 25% of the total amount i.e., at least Rs. 25.00 lakhs for taking up drinking water supply works in the rural areas. The remaining 75% of the amount i.e., Rs 75.00 lakhs can be utilised as per appendix-I. In case there is no emergent need for drinking water supply up gradation or augmentation in any particular habitation the Rs. 25.00 lakhs can also be used by the Collector for other priority-listed development works in consultation with the District In-charge Minister.
  5. The works under the Scheme shall be developmental in nature, based on locally felt needs and the emphasis is on creation of durable assets.
  6. The implementing agencies shall furnish the information on CDP in the prescribed formats to the District Collector every month and watch the progress.
  7. Role of District Collectors:

  8. The District Collectors should draw-up the priority schemes in each village MLA and MLC constituency-wise well in advance and it should be discussed and agreed to by the concerned MLA, MLC and the District in-charge Minister before launching this implementation Programme
  9. To ensure continuity, the District Collectors should prepare a brochure depicting the District’s achievement under the erstwhile Assembly Constituency Development Programme (ACDP) in the last four years, mandal and village-wise and place it on website and in the public domain as appropriate.
  10. Collectors should not use the CDP funds for works already sanctioned or taken up under normal Plan funds. CDP funds cannot be used for maintenance, other non-plan works and as revenue expenditure.
  11. In Constituencies where there is a mix of rural and urban population the CDP funds should be distributed proportionately between the two population segments.
  12. In identifying and selecting the works and giving administrative sanction, the advice of the MLA / MLC should prevail unless it is for technical reasons. Wherever it is not feasible to execute a work the same must be intimated to the MLA / MLC concerned and matter brought to the notice of the Chairman, District Review Committee, whose decision shall be treated as final.
  13. Total estimated cost of all the works proposed to be implemented during the year in the Constituency should not exceed the total allotment made for the Constituency during the year. The total revised estimated cost of all the works taken up for implementation, if any, at any point of time should not also exceed the total releases made till that time.
  14. Works proposed should be fully funded without creating any spill over and additional liability to Government. If a part of the expenditure on a work is funded by any other agency, the actual sanction / execution should be only after such other agency’s share is fully received by the Collector in advance. On no account should money be released in advance or in anticipation of actual release of funds by those agencies.
  15. All the sanctions for works should be accorded within a period of thirty days from the date of receipt of proposal in the office of the District Collector and it should be executed within a maximum period of six months.
  16. Works once recommended by the MLA / MLC and sanctioned under the Programme will not be cancelled if the execution of the work has already commenced.
  17. District authorities should handover the assets created under this fund to the user organisation and submit the utilisation certificate to the Planning Department within a period of one month from the date of completion of the work.
  18. District authorities should also maintain and submit the digitized photographs of the assets created along with the site picture before and after the works are carried out.
  19. District authorities should also maintain a constituency-wise asset creation register for the works carried out with CDP funds.
  20. Any modifications/substitutions in the course of actual execution need not be referred to the Government and all such adjustments shall be done at the District level only under the leadership of the District in-charge Minister subject to the overall allocation not being exceeded.
  21. Any works suggested in contravention of the guidelines in the opinion of the District Collector shall be referred to the Government and they shall be taken up for the execution only after receipt of specific order from the Government.
  22. Funds shall be released to the District Collector at Rs. 1.00 crore for each MLA and MLC of the District from where they were elected. The funds released under the Programme would be non-lapsable. The interest, if any, earned should be ploughed back in the CDP works. The funds released by the Government shall be adjusted to the PD Account of Chief Planning Officer and shall not be parked in any bank account at any stage. Release of funds will be made with reference to the actual progress achieved in expenditure and execution of works.
  23. Fresh amounts shall not be released by the Government to the district authorities unless they furnish the Utilisation Certificates / reports for previous releases.
  24. Separate accounts and cash books shall be maintained for the funds released for each MLA and MLC under the Scheme.
  25. Entrustment on nomination basis should be avoided. The District administration shall ensure that the selection of works proposed by the MLAs and MLCs do not overlap.
  26. Funds should be promptly released for the sanctioned works by the district administration. Advance amount not exceeding 50% of the estimated cost can be released in first installment and the balance 50% released based on the progress made in a phased manner.
  27. District Authorities will be permitted to utilize 0.5 percent amount as contingent expenditure out of the annual allocation of each MLA and MLC under the Scheme. Separate guidelines on terms and conditions under this category of Contingent expenditure will be issued.
  28. The Chief Planning Officer, after administrative sanction by the District Collector, shall make allocation of funds to the various executive agencies. He shall also issue Letters of Credit to the Implementing agencies to spend the amount to the extent allocated in accordance to admit the expenditure by way of cheques by the executive authorities. The implementing authorities shall incur expenditure to the extent of the LOC given by the Chief Planning Officer debiting the expenditure to the head of account given and render detailed accounts monthly to the CPO along with paid voucher.
  29. The CPOs shall release the second installment only after obtaining the copies of M-book and cash book records from the concerned implementing agencies.
  30. CPOs will be made personally responsible for releasing second installment without the above mentioned records. CPOs shall furnish the expenditure statements monthly to the Government in Planning Department in the prescribed proforma.
  31. The Annual accounts of each District should be submitted to the Director of Local Fund Audit by the 15th of May of the succeeding year for taking up audit.
  32. District Audit Officers are responsible for carrying out audit of the accounts under the scheme from 15th May to 15th June of each year and they should furnish the reports to the Planning Department by 30th June, of every year. In case of non-receipt of reports from 30th June, it will be presumed that audit is completed and there will be no audit objections to report. For any irregularities noticed thereafter the responsibility lies with the concerned Audit Officers.
  33. For effective implementation of works, District officials as appointed by the Collector shall visit and inspect at least 10% of the works every year. It should also be the responsibility of senior officers of implementing agencies of these works to regularly visit all the work spots and ensure that the works are progressing satisfactorily as per prescribed procedures and specifications. District Collectors should also involve the MLAs and MLCs in such inspections and monitoring to the maximum extent feasible. District authorities shouldalso furnish progress reports and monitoring reports once in two months to the MLAs and MLCs and also to the Planning Department.