URL - https://kcrkit.telangana.gov.in


KCR Kits Scheme is aimed at the wellbeing of pregnant and lactating women and the newborn babies. The pregnant women are given Rs 12,000 financial assistance in three instalments. Rs 1000 given additionally if the baby happens to be a girl. The idea is to encourage more and more deliveries in the government hospitals, reduce the infant mortality rate and female foeticide. Immediately after the delivery, Government gives KCR Kit with 16 items consisting of clothes, baby soaps, oil, powder, mosquito net, toys, napkins, diapers etc. After the delivery, the mother and newborn are provided with transportation through Amma Odi vehicles.

Introduction of KCR Kit Scheme has resulted in increasing the public health institutional deliveries by about 16% from 32.8% to 47.2% since the launch in June, 2017.