Commercial Taxes



The Commercial Taxes Department is one of the key Revenue earning departments of the Government of Telangana. The following Acts are administered by the Commercial Taxes Department.
I. The Telangana Value Added Tax Act, 2005.
II. The Central Sales Tax Act, 1956.
III. The Telangana Entertainments Tax Act,1939.
IV. The Telangana (Telangana Area) Horse Racing and Betting Tax, Regulation, 1358 Fasli.
V. The Telangana Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1987.
VI. The Telangana Tax on Luxuries Act, 1987. VII. The Telangana Tax on Entry of Motor Vehicles into Local Areas Act, 1996.
VIII. Telangana Rural Development Cess Act, 1996.