Installation Certificate for Electrical Installation


Entrepreneur applies for Installation Certificate for Electrical Installation on departmental web portal after completion of their electrical installation work. Concerned officer of the department inspects the premises of electrical installation and raises Form-of-Order through departmental web portal for defects observed. After rectifying the defects pointed out, entrepreneur has to submit the compliance on departmental web portal. If concerned officer satisfies with compliance, officer issues Installation Certificate, otherwise it is rejected.


Process flow for issue of Installation Certificate

  1. “Consumer” submit application online and upload relevant documents
  2. EI Department officers scrutinize the load list and other documents as per relevant Electricity Acts, Rules and Regulations
  3. Officers will raise queries if there are any discrepancies.
  4. Consumer responds to the query and reply.
  5. EI Department officers will allot inspection date and conduct inspection and will upload the Form-of-Order
  6. Consumer can download the defect notice and upload the compliance
  7. Based on the compliance, officer issues Installation Certificate.
  8. The “Consumer” can track  the application status and can download “Installation Certificate”