Meeseva Services



“MeeSeva” in Telugu means, ‘At your service’, i.e. service to citizens. It is a good governance initiative that incorporates the vision of National eGov Plan “Public Services Closer to Home” and facilitates single entry portal for entire range of G2C& G2B services.

Service icon Services
  1. Corrections in Adangal / Pahani
  2. Localization of Properties(Hyd)
  3. Change of Name Application
  4. Application for Grant/Renewal of Repairing License
  5. Renewal of Registration Certificate for Transporting Petroleum Products
  6. Application for Correction of Details ( Form – 8 )
  7. Application for Grant/Renewal of Dealer License
  8. Wallet to Wallet Transfer
  9. New Connection for Industries
  10. Issue of Occupancy Rights Cert for Inam Lands
  11. Migration Certificate (For Passed Candidates Only)
  12. Possession Certificate
  13. Registration/Renewal of Tutorial or Coaching Institutions
  14. Application for Memo of Marks
  15. Merchant Registration
  16. Sri Gnana Saraswati Devasthanam Seva Booking Basar
  17. Exemption Request
  18. Money Lending
  19. Permission For Water Connections
  20. Extract Of Orc