Periodical Inspection for Existing Electrical Installation


Concerned officer sends the fee notice to the entrepreneur for periodical inspection through departmental web portal. After paying the amount, concerned officer inspects the Electrical Installation of consumer and raises defect notice through departmental web portal for defects pointed out. After rectifying the defects, entrepreneur has to submit the compliance on departmental web portal.

Process flow  for Periodical Inspection of Existing Installations

  1. Software system will facilitate officers to enter the details of existing installations.
  2. System generates unique number(Docket Number) for each installation.
  3. System generates Fee Notice one month before the due month of inspection, fee is calculated based on the approved loads.
  4. Department officer allots inspection date
  5. Department officers take up inspections of individual installations
  6. System facilitates Department officers to prepare Defect Notice based on the field inspections
  7. The Consumer can download  defect notice and upload the compliance
  8. Consumer can track application status
  9. System generates reminders letters for non receipt of fee, and non receipt of compliance etc.